Living in Miami means being at the forefront of the best points of interest in the area that offer an excellent quality of life. That’s why here we present the 10 best private schools in Miami.

The best schools in Miami are elementary schools, that is, from kindergarten to eighth grade, but when the children start school, they are already in kindergarten. high school Parents consider other factors that will give their child the best preparation and facilitate the entrance to a good university, for this they look for what they consider the best school in Miami for their children to continue and finish their studies in it.

Although private schools in Miami are expensive in the United States, many families consider it a deciding factor when thinking about having a house in Miami And this is why it is important to know first-hand which schools will make your children’s lives easier.

Best Private Schools in Miami, Florida in 2024:

1. Belen Jesuit Preparatory School

One of the best private schools in Miami that enjoys an excellent reputation, a magnificent campus, a great education, religious and spiritual formation. Jesuits have always been distinguished by the excellence of their academic education.

2. Ransom Everglades School

This school in Miami is academically by far one of the best. To be able to graduate from this college is to have the possibility of being admitted to the best universities in the country.

3. Gulliver Preparatory School

Gulliver is a modern, co-educational school that is one of the best schools in Miami, and has many sports and extracurricular activities. It also has an International Baccalaureate (IB) program

4. Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart

This is a school of the nuns of the Sacred Heart, it is known for its excellence. It has an International Baccalaureate (IB) program and its graduates are accepted to the best universities in the country

5. Our Lady of Lourdes Academy

Lourdes also offers an exceptional religious education and formation. Taking its students to be able to be part of the best universities in the United States.

6. Palmer Trinity School

Palmer Trinity is a super school. He is Episcopalian and maintains a good balance between academic rigor and instigating a spiritual and moral life in his students. Among the values they try to instill in children is academic excellence, spiritual growth and service to others. The college is co-educational and its graduates are admitted to top universities in the country, including many in the Ivy leagues.

7. Immaculata-La Salle High School

It is a private high school known for its focus on Catholic education and its commitment to the strong academic background, excellence and personal development of its students.

8. Columbus

It is a Catholic school of Marist priests who instill a solid spiritual formation in young people.

9. Cushman

This school has an excellent reputation. The school’s mission is “to develop students who are responsible citizens and future leaders and who can maintain a positive and happy disposition in life.” To achieve this this school, which is not religious, emphasizes values and virtues and fosters confidence in children as well as self-discipline.

10. Miami Country Day School

The advantage of this school is that it offers the possibility of attending from pre-kindergarten to graduation. This school has a good college prep program and the extracurricular programs are excellent.

Schools in Miami: An Important Decision

In conclusion, colleges in Miami, Florida, offer a wide variety of educational options for students, ranging from public and charter schools to private and religious schools. Miami-Dade County’s public school system is one of the largest in the country, known for its diversity and specialized academic programs. In addition, there are numerous bilingual schools and Spanish immersion programs, reflecting the strong Hispanic cultural influence in the region. In general, colleges in Miami seek to provide a well-rounded education that prepares students for success in a globalized environment.

Now that you know the list of the 10 best private schools Miami, it’s time to start looking for your new home. At PFS Realty, we are ready to help you buy a home in Miami