Almost since its foundation, the Capital of the Sun has had a cosmopolitan character, thanks to the different waves of immigration: from the north of the continent, Europeans, Cubans, Mexicans, Colombians, Argentines, Peruvians, Venezuelans, etc. The architectural style of the city is also evidence of the influence it has had. In general, the sectors differ greatly from each other. The atmosphere of Coral Gables is very different from that of Little Havana or Brickell and their atmosphere is nothing like the Art Deco district, and that is also reflected in other aspects such as the value of the city. square meter in Miami and the price per square foot of construction in Miami.

Given the situation of uncertainty derived from the crisis caused by the pandemic, it is important to know how to invest. It is not enough to save: if you keep your money under your mattress it will lose value thanks to inflation, in many Latin American countries negative interest is already charged on some banking products and devaluation has been a constant in the region since 2019 partly due to social unrest and partly due to the pandemic.

So what to invest in? There are many options of apartments for sale in Miami and houses for sale Miami to invest in and, depending on the country, there are mutual funds, mutual funds, voluntary pension funds, investment packages, stocks in the stock market, or simply buying dollars so that you can achieve real estate purchases.

Metro cuadrado en Miami: ¿qué tener en cuenta?

Surprisingly for many, buying a property for investment in the United States is not impossible. But as in any real estate investment, location is key. Buying in a place too cheap is risky because in case of a recession, they are the first places to lose value and in a very expensive place, it is difficult for the price to increase over time. It is important to know the behavior of the sectors in the last five years to make a projection of future behavior.

As for cities, there are many differences. The national average ranges from $250,000 to $300,000 for a three-bedroom house. In cities like Los Angeles that house would cost USD 850,000 but in Miami you could get it at USD 410,000 and the square foot on average at USD 337. Since the Cuban revolution, Florida has been one of the favorite destinations for Latinos when it comes to immigrating to the United States. Not the only one, but the most common.

What is the price per square meter in Miami?
What is the price per square meter in Miami?

Referencias de precios por barrio y sector

So, how much is a square meter worth in Miami? Again, and as always in the real estate business, it depends on the location. It is not the same to be in the center of the city as it is on the periphery or to have a property on the beach than one in a more secluded sector of the city. All of these factors influence when asking how much land is worth in Miami, the price of a house in Miami, or how much it costs to do an efficiency in Miami.

Below are the neighborhoods of the city with information on the price of properties with information of

Neighborhood/Sector Average sale Price square foot Rank
Allapattah USD 306,000 USD 291 USD 200,000-7,500,000
Adventure USD 369,500 USD 344 USD 150,000-19,900,000
Bal Harbour USD 1,500,000 USD 889 USD 230,000-50,000,000
Bay Harbor USD 503,500 USD 469 USD 189,900-28,000,000
Bay Point USD 580,000 USD 592 USD 280,000-15,500,000
Brickell USD 495,000 USD 591 USD 300,000-39,500,000
Coconut Grove USD 1,100,000 USD 703 USD 185,000-36,800,000
Coral Gables USD 1,300,000 USD 570 USD 350,000-54,900,000
Coral Way USD 558,000 USD 431 USD 150,000-13,000,000
Design District USD 1,750,000 USD 966 USD 505,000-7,000,000
Downtown USD 455,000 USD 563 USD 143,300-50,000,000
Fisher Islands USD 8,500,000 USD 2,000 USD 799,000-17,500,000
Flagami USD 420,000 USD 329 USD 138,000-1,800,000
Fort Lauderdale USD 440,000 USD 361 USD 80,000-40,000,000
Hollywood Beach USD 420,500 USD 308 USD 30,000-17,000,000
Jewelry District USD 210,000 USD 280 USD 155,000-1,000,000
Key Biscayne USD 1,100,000 USD 909 USD 365,000-17,500,000
Liberty City USD 268,000 USD 258 USD 80,000-349,000
Little Haiti USD 341,000 USD 311 USD 65,000-1,500,000
Little Havana USD 325,000 USD 289 USD 140,000-5,100,000
Model City USD 320,000 USD 286 USD 55,000-995,000
Morningside USD 1,300,000 USD 559 USD 225,000-13,000,000
Overtown USD 430,000 USD 335 USD 124,900-5,000,000
South Beach USD 995,000 USD 453 USD 247,900-10,000,000
Sunny Isles Beach USD 770,000 USD 606 USD 350,000-36,000,000
Surfside USD 972,500 USD 581 USD 259,000-33,000,000
Upper Eastside USD 485,000 USD 468 USD 230,000-19,500,000
Waters Edge Estates USD 438,000 USD 439 USD 250,000-8,000,000
Wynwood USD 440,000 USD 578 USD 301,400-4,300,000

As you can see, there is a wide variety of apartments for sale in Miami and houses for sale in Miami for all tastes and budgets related to construction in Miami. You only have to choose and get advice from an excellent real estate agent.

At PFS Realty Group, given our real estate activity, we are focused on advising those individuals and families who are interested in making investments of this type in Miami, Orlando and South Florida, we have been working for more than twenty-two (22) years, which give us a specialty in what we do. If you want to explore real estate investment opportunities, we can schedule a meeting, face-to-face or virtual, to expand this information.