Excitement and anticipation are building as the grand final of the Copa America 2024 approaches. This match arouses footballing passions and also projects its impact on different sectors. Below, we’ll look at how tournaments of this magnitude offer a golden opportunity for the host city in terms of visitors, economy, real estate and international image.

The entertainment capital will be the epicenter of football

Sixteen nations will compete in the 2024 Copa America matches and all are keen to win the trophy. This event promises a sporting spectacle as well as a boost to the local economy. Tourists and fans will contribute to an increase in hotel occupancy. They will also boost consumption in restaurants and retail. This will benefit multiple segments of the economy.

In addition, the broadcast of the Copa America 2024 grand final globally will expose Miami to a global audience. It will be the ideal opportunity to highlight its tourist attractions, modern infrastructure and its position as an entertainment and business center. This international visibility can attract new investment, both in real estate and other industries. Not forgetting that it will strengthen the image and positioning of the city at a global level (El Economista, 2023).

Copa America Final and its boost in the real estate sector

Copa America Final
Copa America Final

The realization
of the final of the Copa America
In different cities, it has generated positive impacts on the real estate sector. For example, the 2019 closing match in Rio de Janeiro attracted a large number of tourists and spectators. This boosted demand for temporary accommodation by about 21%, benefiting apartment owners and Hotels (Hostel Tur, 2019). The 2016 edition in the United States also showed similar results, with greater investment and economic activity reflected in New Jersey.

Effects of the 2024 Copa America final on the real estate market

At the end of April 2024, Conmebol announced that approximately 750,000 tickets had been sold up to that point. This reflects an important participation of the fans. In addition, the massive arrival of tourists, gamblers and soccer fans are increasing hotel occupancy and demand for temporary housing in the cities of Miami and Orlando. It also boosts the local economy by generating opportunities for shops, tourist services, restaurants and recreational activities. Thus, there is a strong strengthening of the infrastructure and entertainment offer in both cities (Statista, 2024).

In this context, it can be leveraged to conduct real estate business. At the end of the day, the demand and competitive prices for properties in and around these towns increase (Infobae, 2024).

Future Investment Opportunities in the Real Estate Sector

The U.S. economy is one of the most robust in the world. In fact, its influence extends to various industries, including the real estate sector. For investors, events such as the 2024 Copa America, in Miami and Orlando, represent a unique opportunity. Both cities are already known for their dynamic real estate market, with properties offering high yields and appreciation. This year, the final of the tournament adds an extra attraction (Week, 2023).

In addition, Miami has been selected as one of the host cities to host the 2026 World Cup. For this reason, the potential for long-term growth and profitability is even more promising (La Nación, 2024).

So, if you want to invest in real estate, Miami and Orlando are the perfect place. The celebration of the championship and the final of the Copa América generate high visibility for both cities, offering great opportunities: attracting visitors, boosting the economy and improving their international image. Now is the time to enjoy unique events, diversify your portfolio, and earn substantial returns.


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