One Brickell City Centre is shaping up to be one of Miami’s most ambitious and significant constructions. With a towering height of 1,000 feet, this skyscraper will be the tallest commercial building in the state. It has become a symbol of modernity and development, marking a landmark on the city’s skyline. It is a testament to the economic growth and futuristic vision of the city (Grados, 2023).

Therefore, we invite you to learn about its origins, future projections and the current state of the work.

One Brickell City Centre: an ambitious project

This skyscraper was planned as part of the Brickell City Centre complex, a development of Swire Properties. It is a pivotal development in the transformation of the Brickell district, a vibrant financial center in Miami for business and lifestyle. The project includes shops, restaurants, luxury residences and offices. It integrates urban life into a modern and dynamic space. Among its characteristics are (Grados, 2023; Florian, 2022; López, 2023):

A modern design and architecture

The design of One Brickell City Centre is a masterpiece of modern architecture. It is characterized by its elegant glass and steel façade and its design is aesthetically stunning and functional. It will have 68 floors, 130,064 square meters for offices and built-in energy efficiency technologies .

In addition, the design will include a porte-cochère (covered entrance for vehicles for indoor passenger access). It will also have suites for health and wellness, environments for conferences and multipurpose events. Even a helipad on the rooftop.

Connectivity and convenience

Its strategic location offers unrivalled connectivity. It is just minutes from major highways, Miami Worldcenter, Miami International Airport, and the Port of Miami, making it easy to access local and international businesses. In addition, the building is directly connected to public transportation, such as the Miami Metromover, which improves its accessibility.

Projections and expectations of the One Brickell City Centre

Since its conception, the skyscraper has been seen as an engine for Miami’s economic and urban development. It is expected to attract large corporations and multinational companies to increase foreign investment and generate jobs.

Projections indicate that this building will raise the city’s architectural profile, making it ideal for investing in Miami. It will also boost the local economy through the creation of a world-class business environment.

Current status of the One Brickell City Centre skyscraper

One Brickell City Centre
One Brickell City Centre

To date, the construction of this skyscraper has advanced significantly. The initial phases, such as excavation and foundations, are already completed. The main structure is in the process of being raised, with several floors already built. This work has a team of dedicated professionals so that the project remains within the established schedule (Grados, 2023; Florian, 2022):

Significant progress is expected to be made in the coming months on the structure and finish of the interiors. Its completion is scheduled for 2028, with the official inauguration and occupation of the commercial spaces at the end of the same year (Grados, 2023).

This will be the tallest commercial building in Florida. In fact, it is considered a symbol of innovation and growth for Miami. With its advanced design and strategic location, this skyscraper will redefine the city’s urban and economic landscape. Take advantage of the real estate investment opportunities that this project will attract in Miami.

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