Orlando Surf Park is positioning itself as one of the most anticipated attractions in South Florida. This innovative water park will combine nature, technology and avant-garde design to offer a unique experience to locals and tourists. Below, we explain the details of this exciting project.

Orlando Surf Park at a glance

The park promises to be an impressive spectacle. Its emblematic attraction will be a huge swimming pool of more than 50,000 m2 surrounded by an extensive artificial beach. It will have a depth of more than 4 meters at its lowest point. In addition, it will be able to hold up to 35 million gallons of water (Pool News, 2023).

However, the highlight of this aquatic area will be the wave machine located in its center. You will be able to create waves large enough to meet the training needs of professional surfers.

Orlando Surf Park will likely be an epicenter for water sports events and competitions. Located in the heart of Florida, which has a favorable climate year-round, it will expand access to surfing in a region previously not so accessible to this exciting sport.

Park Features and Amenities

Orlando Surf Park
Orlando Surf Park

In addition to the impressive wave pool, the park will offer various amenities for the fun of all families. Also of tourists who come to Orlando and Miami for different events, such as Miami Swim Week. Among these amenities are the following:

  • Recreational areas: there will be areas for all ages. For example, pools of various sizes and depths. Even exciting water slides.
  • Green areas: the park will have spaces that provide a relaxing and aesthetically pleasing environment. Among them, nature trails, ideal for hiking and outdoor activities.
  • Restaurants and shops: the space will offer a wide variety of dining and shopping to satisfy all tastes and needs.

A vital feature of the park is that it will be built on a reclaimed landfill. In this way, the Orlando Surf Park is a sustainable project that demonstrates its commitment to the environment. At the end of the day, revitalizing this space contributes to ecological preservation and environmental responsibility.

This project will be a milestone that will capture the attention of residents, visitors and investors who wonder what it is like to live in Orlando. In addition, it will set a new standard in theme parks and transform the region into a world-renowned surfing destination.

In addition to the above, the park will contribute to the city’s real estate boom due to the new flow of athletes and tourists it will attract. This will create solid and attractive investment opportunities. So, if you’re interested in investing in real estate, PFS Realty offers you a variety of homes for sale in Orlando. We assist you throughout your investment process in Miami, Orlando, and South Florida!


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