The celebration of the America’s Cup in Miami and Orlando represents an opportunity to invest in property. During this event, a significant increase in demand for accommodation is expected. In this article, you’ll explore the Copa America stadiums and the matches that will be held in Miami and Orlando. Also, the investment opportunities offered by these sports venues for the local real estate market.

Copa America Stadiums in Miami and Orlando

The 2024 Copa America is set to be an exciting event; two South Florida cities will be at the center of the action: Miami and Orlando.

First of all, there is the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, (La Afición Deportes, 2020).

  • It opened on December 1, 1987, under the name Joe Robbie Stadium (the first owner of the Dolphins).

  • The capacity is 64,767 spectators.

  • Its location is just 13 kilometers from Miami Beach, in its metropolitan area.

  • It is surrounded by shopping malls, restaurants, hotels, and entertainment areas.

  • Lastly, it is home to the

    NFL’s Miami Dolphins

    and the NCAA’s Miami Hurricanes.

In second place is the Camping World Stadium in Orlando, (Soccer Politics, 2020).

  • It was inaugurated in 1936 and its current owner is the Florida City Council.

  • In addition, it has had several names: Tangerine Bowl, Florida Citrus Bowl, and Orlando Citrus Bowl.

  • Its capacity is 65,000 spectators.

  • It was also used in Adam Sandler’s 1998 film The Waterboy .

Copa America Stadiums and Their Impact on the Real Estate Market

Copa America Stadiums
Copa America Stadiums
  • For example, investing in property. The presence of world-class stadiums in Miami and Orlando has boosted the region’s real estate market, (The Real Deal, 2023).

  • Also, a booming real estate market . The demand for properties near stadiums has increased, generating significant growth in the local real estate sector.

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Property Management & Profitable Business in Florida

  • For starters, there’s property management. Efficiently managing properties near Copa America stadiums can be a profitable long-term investment.

  • Also, there are profitable businesses in Florida. Proximity to major sporting events such as the America’s Cup creates opportunities for entrepreneurs and business owners in Florida.

Florida Construction & Investment Opportunities

  • First, there are real estate developments. Construction in Florida of new residential and commercial projects, specifically in Miami and Orlando, has accelerated thanks to the influence of Copa America stadiums.

  • Second, there are investment opportunities. Investors can take advantage of the booming real estate market in Florida to diversify their portfolios and earn attractive returns.

In short, the 2024 Copa America stadiums in Miami aren’t just top-tier sports venues. They are also engines of growth for the local real estate market. Taking advantage of the investment opportunities offered by these sectors can be key to long-term benefits in Florida’s dynamic real estate market.


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