Top 10 cities in Florida. In the year 1513 of the current era, Ponce de León anchored in what is now St. Augustine, Florida. The Seminole and Calusa Indian populations dwindled or resettled over the years, just as European settlers moved. Today, Florida’s cities are just as important as cities in other states across the country, boasting scenic splendor, universities, cultural innovations, entertainment venues, and more.

But, chow many cities there are in the state of Florida in total and which are the main ones. We’ll tell you all about it in the following article.

The state of Florida has more than 400 incorporated cities, towns, and villages. This figure includes a variety of municipalities, each with its own local government and administrative structure. These cities range in size from large metropolitan areas like Miami and Jacksonville to small towns with fewer inhabitants.

Top Cities in Florida 2024

In 2024, Florida’s most important cities stand out both for their size and for their economic, cultural, and tourist importance. Listed below are some of the most prominent ones:


The focus of the population is on the South, where Florida’s largest cities are located, with the notable exception of Jacksonville, near the Georgia border. Jacksonville is a major port that sits on the San Juan River, where the Timucua tribes once lived. It is the No. 1 city by population as it is part of the most populous cities in Florida.

Located very close to the Atlantic Ocean, there are Miami (2), Hialeah (6), Fort Lauderdale (8) and Port St. Lucie (9) which are Florida’s next cities by population. No. 10 is Pembroke Pines, which is on the perimeter of Miami. The cities mentioned here are important for several reasons, including centers of business, art, sports, culture and entertainment, as well as being destinations for many retirees from the north.

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Right on the Gulf of Mexico next to Florida is Tampa (4) and St. Petersburg (5), with smaller nearby cities of Clearwater, Sarasota , and Tarpon Springs. Although Tampa is larger, the Tampa/ St. Pete/Clearwater is often grouped together for various reasons, including tourism. People come to this area as it is an ideal area for business, but a major attraction; almost a major city; is the Greek fishing village in Tarpon Springs. Boaters and other recreational enthusiasts flock to Tampa and St. Pete in summer as in winter.


Tallahassee is the only major city on the Florida peninsula, but numerous small towns further south on the Gulf are also attractive to tourists. Tallahassee is ranked No. 7 by population size. The state capital, Tallahassee is also known as the home of Florida State University and its Seminoles sports teams. The city is also an agricultural center and that once the center of the cotton belt. But after the time of slavery, cotton lost importance and the focus shifted to tobacco and citrus cultivation. It’s not as hot as Miami and the southern cities or the Keys, so Tallahassee and surrounding areas can be enjoyed with extremely cold winter nights.


If you’ve heard the name Disney, you probably know that Orlando is a favorite destination. It’s also part of Florida’s major cities, the fifth-largest, expanding rapidly once the Disney team moved there. Located almost in central Florida, it is a regular vacation site for families who want to get to Disney World and Epcot Center. Sea World, Ripley’s and Gatorland are other attractions in Orlando, but the city conducts business through many other routes, including expanding real estate.

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Major Cities in Florida

Now that you know which are the main cities in Florida in 2024, it’s time for you to know the best options for real estate investment projects that this state offers you.