Get ready for an exciting journey through the world of football and real estate investments! This tournament is about to reach America’s Cup Venues such as Miami and Orlando, counties in Florida. In addition, along with it will come a wave of opportunities for lovers of this sport and visionaries of the real estate market.

America’s Cup Venues: A Tour of Them

In its history, the Copa America has left its mark on the hearts of football fans and venues. This tournament offers vibrant matches and clashes between the best South American teams. Above all, because it boosts economic development and opens the doors to a dynamic real estate market (Conmebol, 2023).

Case study: Copa America 2016 venues and real estate boom

An example of this phenomenon was experienced in the 2016 Copa América Centenario, which commemorated the 100th anniversary of the tournament. The final between the United States and Argentina at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey broke attendance records and generated a great economic impact. In addition, one of the most relevant issues was that it boosted the real estate market in the areas surrounding the stadium. The demand for rentals and properties increased considerably, which translated into a benefit for investors.

Miami and Orlando, as well as paradises: venues for the 2024 Copa America

In 2024, the Copa America will come to Florida with Miami and Orlando as two of the main venues. These Florida cities known for their warm weather, beautiful beaches, and a wide range of activities, are preparing to welcome soccer fans from all over the world, (América Economía, 2020).

  • City of Miami. The Hard Rock Stadium, with a capacity of 64,767 spectators, will be the scene of Exciting matches. This stadium is surrounded by centers restaurants, hotels and entertainment areas. This makes it ideal for enjoying soccer and all that Miami has to offer.
  • City of Orlando. The Exploria Stadium, with a capacity of 25,500 spectators, It will also host important meetings. This stadium, located in in the heart of Orlando is a perfect choice for families who combine soccer with the magic of the theme parks.

Florida: A Booming Real Estate Market

Florida has become a pole of attraction for real estate investors from all over the world. Its warm climate, ever-growing economy, and property supply are ideal for investing in real estate. It is also a great opportunity to learn about PFS Realty’s real estate portfolio .

Why Invest in Miami and Orlando

America's Cup Venues
America’s Cup Venues

The cities of Miami and Orlando in Florida are presented as ideal destinations to invest in real estate, due to several factors (Revista Semana, 2024):

  • High return on investment. Both Cities have a strong real estate market with a proven track record of appreciation.
  • High demand for rentals. The demand for Short-term rentals increase considerably during events such as the America’s Cup.
  • Portfolio diversification. Invest in Miami and Orlando allows you to diversify your real estate investment portfolio.
  • Quality of life. Both cities offer An excellent quality of life with a delightful climate and beautiful beaches .

In conclusion, if you are a soccer lover and are looking to invest in real estate such as homes in the United States, Miami and Orlando are two ideal destinations. The real estate market there is booming and the Copa America will significantly increase the demand for accommodations. All of this will translate into higher revenues for homeowners.

At PFS Realty, we are experts in real estate and offer you comprehensive advice to invest in Miami and Orlando.


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