If you thought you’ve seen it all in terms of fun, Universal Studios and Nintendo show us there’s even more. The ability to surprise us and transport us to wonderful places is closer than we expected with Super Nintendo World Orlando. This family-friendly theme park will open in 2025, in a city known for its attractions. We are talking about Orlando, 380 km from Miami.

Discover the excitement of Super Nintendo World Orlando!

Since its opening in Japan, Super Nintendo World has been a resounding success. The reason? It has attracted video game fans from all over the world. This phenomenon has led Universal Studios to consider expanding the franchise to other tourist destinations, such as Orlando.

Super Nintendo World Orlando promises to take the gaming experience to a whole new level. It will have thrilling rides, live shows, a total dive into the world of Nintendo, and many other amenities.

The park will be the perfect destination for families and fans of all ages. Especially, because it will be a Immersive Experience which will have two spaces full of magic: Super Mario Land and Donkey Kong Country. The arrival of this last environment of the beloved gorilla is what will make the big difference with Universal Studios Japan.

Unique experiences

In the park, you can have fun with Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Toad, Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, and other iconic characters from Nintendo’s gaming world. Can you imagine a Donkey Kong-inspired roller coaster or hop on a Yoshi and go on a new adventure?

According to the park’s creative minds, the entrance to Super Nintendo World Orlando it will be amazing. You will enter through the well-known green tube of video games. Once there, in Super Mario Land, you’ll see everything in motion. From the Thwomps hitting hard and the turtle shells spinning to the Koopas walking back and forth. And the most exciting thing: to win a digital currency, you can hit a block and hear the characteristic sound of the game! (Perry, 2024).

After being amazed by Super Mario Land, you will be able to cross an arc and encounter the magic of Donkey Kong Country. It is a totally different environment, as you will arrive at a jungle space, with rocks, gems and flowers. Everything is overgrown and more tropical.

Impact of Super Nintendo World Orlando

Super Nintendo World Orlando 2
Super Nintendo World Orlando 2

The arrival of Super Nintendo World Orlando promises to have a significant impact on the city. The park is expected to attract millions of visitors each year. This will boost the local economy and create new employment opportunities in the region.

In addition, Orlando is a premier tourist destination, which ensures a constant flow of public. This combination of innovative attractions, beloved characters, and a strategic location offers considerable potential for long-term ROI and growth.

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