Driving in Miami is pretty straightforward thanks to the SunPass toll system and Express lanes. These make it possible to avoid traffic jams. In addition, traffic patterns have recently been modified with new signage that improves the efficiency of routes (Infobae, 2023).

Here’s what to keep in mind when driving in the city. Plus, we’ll show you how to take advantage of the roads to discover the best locations.

Guide to driving in Miami and getting to know the main areas

There’s nothing like getting in the car and letting yourself go on a road trip through Florida. It’s a great opportunity to admire the imposing city against a stunning natural setting. Find out where you should drive to discover the best locations, what their access routes are like and the price range of their properties:

Driving in Miami: I-395

It is the key route for tourists and residents as it connects downtown with Miami Beach. The intersection with other major highways such as SR 836 was recently expanded. This has improved connectivity between East Biscayne and West 1st Avenue.

  • Beaches: a property can offer you an excellent tourist income throughout the year, or the possibility of enjoying a holiday property for your family. An apartment costs from USD$160 thousand.
  • Midtown Miami: A former industrial area converted into a residential neighborhood with skyscrapers, art galleries and international shops. Find properties between $270,000 and $9 million.

Dolphin Expressway

Also known as SR 836 West, it is another of the essential roads to get around the best regions of South Florida. It runs through the city in an east-west direction and offers connections to Miami International Airport. It allows you to reach some key destinations such as:

  • Doral: it has been declared a Smart City and thanks to its large public parks and sports centers, it offers a high quality of life. You can find homes from USD$ 155 thousand.
  • Downtown Miami: the heart of the city has large shopping spaces, cultural venues and promenades. It’s an excellent location to visit, live and work. Home prices range from $300,000 to $59 million.

Driving in Miami on the 95 Express

Driving in Miami

It is one of Miami-Dade’s main thoroughfares, stretching from the intersection of the Dolphin Expressway (836) and I-95 to Broward Boulevard. It is among the most used routes to quickly reach destinations such as Fort Lauderdale and Pembroke Pines.

A few years ago, this city incorporated cameras at traffic lights to promote respect for traffic laws. Its heavy traffic is due to the fact that it represents one of the main residential destinations in South Florida.

Pembroke Pines is a safe and quiet location, ideal for families. It combines green spaces, excellent educational institutions, and shopping centers. The average value of a property is $726,000, but you can find opportunities starting at $150,000.

Are you thinking of buying a house or apartment in any of these areas? Take into account the tips for driving in Miami, go ahead and discover it and invest in our offer of apartments for sale in Miami to enjoy the lifestyle you want.


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