There are essential services to live peacefully and guarantee the future of your family. Do you need to find an elderly home that offers a good quality of life? Find out where the most recognized nursing homes in Miami are in the city.

Neighborhoods with the Best Nursing Homes in Miami

First, when choosing an old age, you should take into account several factors. For example:

  • Its surroundings.
  • Availability of housing.
  • Greenery.
  • Commercial areas.
  • Buying opportunities.
  • Rent in nearby properties.

This guide will help you find the ideal site and, at the same time, choose a property that fits your family’s lifestyle. For this reason, we give you a list of the best neighborhoods where you can find nursing homes in Miami and where you can locate or invest.

Pembroke Pines

This place is among the best places to live in the world thanks to its level of security, services and promotion of community life. It offers quick access to Broward’s major thoroughfares, such as Interstate 75.

An interesting fact? To the east of Miami International Airport is the MIC (Miami Intermodal Center). It is a public transport network that combines trains and buses to quickly reach any point in the city at a low cost.

In addition, Pembroke Pines is home to prestigious educational centers, such as Florida International University or the University of Phoenix. In short, it’s one of the best places to plan for your whole family’s future. You can buy a house in the area from USD 140 thousand and up.

Nursing homes in Miami: Coral Springs

If you’re looking for a safe and quiet location for seniors, Coral Springs is the place for you. It is a residential area with a family-friendly atmosphere and low crime rates. Home prices range from $110,000 to $740,000.

Thanks to its codes of urban coexistence, its nursing homes offer excellent organization and services. In addition, you would have the best bookstores in Miami, gyms, parks and everything your family needs to enjoy the daily routine.

Midtown Miami

Every road trip through Florida should include a stop in Midtown Miami, one of the most representative cities in the state. In addition, it is not only a great attraction for tourists, but also synonymous with good living. Are you thinking of investing in a property? You can find apartments in exclusive condominiums starting at USD 450 thousand.

On the streets of Midtown Miami it is possible to shop, walk around and get the services you need. All just walking. Also, without leaving the city centre, you will find restaurants, fashion brands and galleries where various artistic proposals are concentrated.

Doral: Find Exclusive Nursing Homes in Miami

Nursing Homes in Miami

The City of Doral ensures a high quality of life at any age. It has large green spaces, sports centres, recreational facilities and activities for all tastes.

Looking for an elderly home in this locality is key for older adults to have an active, healthy life with opportunities for socialization. In the heart of the city you can find top-notch apartments to live and work in Doral. Prices start at USD 155 thousand.

According to a recent study, leasing costs in major cities in South Florida have decreased by up to 15% in the last year (Infobae, 2024). So, nowadays you can find rentals at a more convenient price.

Nursing homes in Miami combine the location, services, amenities and care necessary for an excellent lifestyle. Consider leasing or investing in our Miami home offering for sale. All to be close to your loved ones and add an important asset to your portfolio.


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