Are you thinking of living in Miami or are you interested in investing in properties in the area? While most properties are delivered 100% finished and ready to move in, investing and buying blank can be much more advantageous.

However, you should keep in mind that it involves acquiring a property off-plan, when construction has not yet begun and there are no pilot units to visit. Yes, the project is in the phase of adapting the land, although it already has building permits.

What to keep in mind when buying blank

Buy Blank

More and more foreign investors are looking to expand their portfolio with real estate assets in Doral, Miami Beach and other destinations in Miami-Dade County, South Florida.

The range of properties on offer is very varied and includes:

While it’s common to purchase units for immediate delivery, you can also buy blank. How does this modality work?

Delivery Features

In general, these projects have a delivery date of more than 2 years and they begin to pay in advance, prior to the development of the work. So, you should consider them as a long-term investment.

For this process, it is key to look for a reliable construction company. This is due to the fact that the work is on plans; therefore, it involves taking a higher risk than in other types of investment.

However, it also offers great attractions to the buyer, who has more freedom to choose the unit to purchase. For example, you can select it according to the number of floor, parking and warehouse, as well as the orientation of the rooms and the view it offers.

Interior Design Aspects

Do you want to buy a house or apartment in Miami to enjoy your holidays or have a second home? So, you need to make sure that it has the ideal features for your lifestyle.

By participating in a real estate project, you gain decision-making power over the interior design details of the property. In other words, you can plan for aspects that are impossible to foresee in a work that has already been completed, such as:

  • Finishes and finishes of each environment.
  • Wall colors.
  • Kitchen furniture materials.
  • Bathroom facilities.
  • HVAC, lighting, security and home automation systems.

Advantages of Buying Blank

Acquiring a real estate asset involves a significant capital investment. That’s why it’s key to maximize it with different strategies, such as buying blank. These are its main benefits:

  • Greater customization in the finishes and freedom in the interior design.
  • Access to flexible financial instruments and a longer time to finish paying before delivery.
  • Best price compared to buying finished units.
  • Opportunity to buy at great discounts to sell more expensive in the future. All this taking advantage of the capital gain of the property.
  • Option to delegate property management tasks to an expert real estate company. All while enjoying the returns on your investment.

Buying in white is a great strategy to acquire properties at a low cost and decorate it in your own style. Looking to buy homes in Miami? Discover the houses for sale in Miami that we have in our portfolio and find the ideal property for your needs.


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