The real estate market in the United States offers different types of investment, such as direct purchase,
or a real estate trust. The latter is one of the most widely used mechanisms to acquire a property under convenient conditions.

What are its benefits, how does it work, and what to consider before investing in it?

Miami Real Estate Fiduciary : What You Need to Know

Real Estate Trust

The South Florida metropolitan area encompasses different cities with high real estate demand. Looking to invest in Miami-Dade County? Learn how to access a property through a Real Estate Fiduciary.


Miami is one of the most desirable vacation and residential destinations in the world. Through a fiduciary mechanism, you can invest in real estate in this city and maximize your profits:

  • Achieve consistent profitability throughout the year.
  • Reduce the vacancy periods of your property to rent.
  • Do business under optimal conditions.
  • Delegate property management to experts.
  • Preserve value and enhance the value of your assets through constant maintenance and improvements.
  • Access a property in highly valued areas such as
    South Florida
    , under different modalities such as
    or various
    real estate investment funds

Real Estate Fiduciary & Property Management

More and more foreigners decide to buy apartments or
houses in the United States
. As they do not reside there permanently, they need to entrust the maintenance, supervision and management of the property to third parties.

In this sense, a company with experience and commitment in the real estate market can take care of these procedures. Meanwhile, the owner is only concerned with enjoying the returns of the property.

Main Aspects of a Real Estate Trust

In real estate, fiduciary trust is used to achieve various purposes. Keep them in mind according to your personal and financial goals:

  • Administration, collections and payments. The owner transfers the asset to the trust company to manage the project at each stage. For example, payments linked to their development, management of maintenance and improvement expenses, transfer of finished units, charges for their rent, or
  • Treasury. In this case, the real estate trust invests the capital of the investment partners to execute and manage the project. This, with a view to obtaining optimal yields.
  • Pre-sales: the mission of the trust is to gather resources as a financing mechanism for the development of a real estate project. This facilitates access to a high-value property with significant capital gain in the future.

To access any of these modalities, you must pay an annual fee whose value depends on the fiduciary entity. In general, it is calculated as a fixed percentage of the value of the real estate assets entered under the figure of the trust. In addition, expenses associated with closing operations, taxes, and notary fees may arise.

In conclusion, resorting to a real estate trust in the United States can be an excellent decision to buy houses for sale in Miami. Whether you’re looking for a property as a second home, to rent or resell, learn about PFS Realty’s latest projects and boost your portfolio.


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