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Rent in dollars

To generate income in dollars by investing in real estate in Miami, Orlando and South Florida.

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There are different investment figures in Miami, Orlando and South Florida where good monthly liquidity can be achieved through income in dollars, commonly under the following concepts:

Buy a property and we help you rent it

Complete process: from house search to tenant management:

  • Expert advice to find the ideal property in Miami, Orlando and South Florida.
  • Estimated monthly revenue before purchase, based on market analysis, comparables and experience.
  • We process your financing(*)(**)
  • Active search for tenants to start generating income immediately.
  • Maximizing your investment with recurring income.

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Buy an already rented property

The property passes to the new owner both for sale and for rent; This way you start receiving your rent in dollars immediately.

  • We process your financing(*)(**)
  • Uninterrupted investment: properties already generating income with established leases.
  • Acquisition of properties both for sale and for rent.
  • Get income from day one without the need to look for tenants.
  • Less risk and more certainty in real estate investment.
  • Diversity of options available with established tenants.

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(*) The financing plan is offered by Avanti Lending, LLC.
(**) Approval is subject to the financing and growth policy.

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The best properties to invest in

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We manage your property

If you are an investor and want to review these options that can offer you the opportunity to receive monthly cash flow through your real estate investment, contact us and a professional from PFS Realty Group offers you the best alternatives.

Do you need someone to take care of your investment while you live in your country?

We have the solution for you. Meet our property management team who will take care of your property and your investment.

How to avoid risks when investing in real estate and obtaining income in dollars?

  1. Research the market.
  2. Select the property type.
  3. Set a budget.
  4. Financing.
  5. Search and acquisition of properties.
  6. Property management: to help you set the cost of rent and for maintenance, improvements and repairs, among others.
  7. Consider the tax and legal aspects.
  8. Diversifies.

Remember that investing in real estate carries risks, and results may vary depending on market conditions and other factors. It is always advisable to seek financial and legal advice before making major investment decisions.

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