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It generates income in dollars by investing in real estate in Miami, Orlando and South Florida.

If your goal when making an investment in South Florida is to obtain a monthly income in dollars that allows you to cover the operating costs of your property and make a profit … we can help you! *The financing plan is offered by Avanti Lending, LLC. Approval is subject to the financing and credit policy of the offering entity.

There are different investment figures in South Florida where you can achieve good monthly liquidity through income and dollars, commonly under the following concepts:

Option 1

Buying a house or apartment in Miami. Our professionals can help you get the ideal property by providing, before the purchase, a fairly rough estimate, based on comparables and our experience in the market, on what your monthly income will be.

In turn, if the property is vacant at the time of purchase, your PFS Realty Group broker will look for a tenant to occupy the property as soon as possible and for you to start receiving income from your investment.

We’ll do the whole process… We look for the house, we present you with the proposal and we look for the tenant.

Option 2

There are investment alternatives where the properties are ALREADY RENTED, this means that there are real estate options that at the time they sell them, as they have a lease already established with a tenant, the property passes to the new owner both for sale and for rent.

The advantages of this alternative is that when you invest, you begin to perceive a response from your investment almost immediately.

Option 3

Another option, and perhaps one of the most interesting, is the “Guaranteed Income”. This figure is offered by new projects by presenting select investors with units for which they will be paid, monthly, the same amount of rent “independently” if it is rented or not.

This form is quite interesting due to the following reasons:

  • Rent is charged even if the tenant is not paying or has withdrawn from the property for some reason.
  • Protection of up to 24 monthly payments.
  • Punctuality in the payment of the rent.
  • It ensures that monthly payments, which developers must pay, are on time.

If you are an investor and want to review these options that can offer you the opportunity to receive monthly cash flow through your real estate investment, contact us and a professional from PFS Realty Group offers you the best alternatives.

Do you need someone to take care of your investment while you live in your country?

We have the solution for you. Meet our property management team who will take care of your property and your investment.

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