In recent years, Miami has established itself as a real estate and investment benchmark. This is because its range of possibilities in the properties is wide. An example of this are townhomes. In this article, we tell you about this type of home that has made a big impact when it comes to investing.

Properties in Miami, options for all tastes

One of the most decisive aspects when investing is the location, right? Hence, Miami is one of the favorites to do so. And it is not for less. This is one of the most privileged areas, since it has 90% profitability in the market. In addition, it is one of the areas that best retains value in the medium and long term. And, as if that were not enough, it is in sustained growth after New York (El Tiempo, 2021).

Here it is possible to find everything from luxurious houses, buildings and condominiums, to home office skyscrapers. The good climate of the area, along with other aspects, make the desire to invest greater. Among the options offered by Miami are the townhomes. But do you know what they are? Well, here we go.

Townhomes: what are they and what characterizes them?

Townhomes are innovative constructions at affordable prices. They have become a trend and the favorites when it comes to investing for their attributes. Its name comes from English and means terraced houses; They are also known as horizontal houses. These properties stand out for being an efficient type of housing and have become popular in Europe and the United States.

These are individual houses that are built side by side. That’s why they share a common wall and some public spaces. Their main feature is that they can be tall, with efficient spaces and adapt to family needs. Depending on their location and construction times, these homes may have:

  • One to three floors
  • Two or three bedrooms
  • A small terrace or garden
  • A parking lot for one car

They also take advantage of spaces and provide aesthetic harmony; They have excellent price/quality ratio and demand low maintenance costs. In addition, they are short works, as they take 12 to 18 months to optimally use the land. Another of their characteristics is that they offer the combination of total privacy and the spaces of a private neighborhood (Lanusse, 2022).

Popularity of townhomes in Miami

This type of housing becomes increasingly popular over the years. This is true not only in cities in Europe, but also in Miami; more precisely in areas like Doral. This boom is due to:

1. Your condominium regime

This type of housing is constituted under this regime. That is, they require a maintenance fee and you can enjoy:

  • Common areas
  • Cleaning service
  • Care of plants or gardens
  • Garbage payment included
  • Surveillance and security
  • Revision of the operation of the gate
  • Remote control for input.

2. Specific guidelines

Due to their constitution regime, these houses have specific guidelines in design and construction. For example, their measurements vary according to the construction company. In addition, at the time of buying it, it is specified what can or cannot be done in the property.

3. Get house and land

One of the most attractive reasons to invest in townhomes is that you own not only the house, but the land. For this reason, you not only acquire a property, but also the lot.

4. Shared walls

Another aspect that attracts a lot of attention from townhomes are their walls. Here you will not find corridors between one house and another, because you will share the side walls.

5. Environmentally friendly model

These homes are also popular in Miami because of their environmental contribution. This is because they are a model of sustainable housing. For this reason, with little land great benefits are provided.

Why are they ideal for investing?

Miami is a powerful destination in terms of real estate investment. Therefore, it is at the forefront with this type of houses. In addition, in such a warm climate it will always be ideal to have a home that allows you to shelter comfortably from the sun’s rays.

Also, because in the midst of the movement of the city, these houses create a quiet and private environment to enjoy family and social life. Without a doubt, they are the perfect option to live in fullness. Say yes to wonderful townhomes and bring an air of elegance and innovation to your home! This is the alternative to unite social and family life in one place.


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